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About the Essex County Utilities Authority

About the Essex County Utilities Authority

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ECUA NJ Mission Statement


All ECUA meetings are held at 2:00pm
at the ECUA offices at
The Leroy F. Smith, Jr. Public Safety Building
60 Nelson Place, 6th Floor
Newark, NJ


A Leader in Environmentally Sound, Cost-Effective Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Recycling

The ECUA has been charged with a broad range of important duties, including:

  • The ECUA develops and updates the Essex County Solid Waste Management Plan

The Solid Waste Management Plan(SWMP) is the guiding document for Essex County. It is based upon the rules and regulations set forth in New Jersey’s Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan. Essex County’s SWMP is updated regularly to reflect changes in the County’s solid waste and recycling programs. The ECUA also processes applications for solid waste and recycling facilities for plan inclusion. No solid waste or recycling facility may operate without the ECUA’s approval.
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  • The ECUA develops and manages contracts for the environmentally safe and proper disposal of solid waste.

The ECUA manages all municipal solid waste generated within Essex County. In 2020, the ECUA ensured that more than 533,856 tons of solid waste was disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Further, through the efforts of our partner municipalities, an additional 752,613 tons of recyclable material was collected and marketed as of the last state report.
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  • The ECUA assists Essex County municipalities to successfully develop and implement recycling and recycling education programs.

It is the goal of the ECUA to recycle as much as possible and to reduce solid waste sent for disposal and to help each of our municipalities recycle at least 50% of their Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and 60% of their Total Solid Waste TSW) as mandated by State Law.

The ECUA has implemented Recycle Coach, an online tool that allows municipalities to easily share recycling information and education with its residents to increase program participation.
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  • The ECUA works to reduce County bond debt by collecting fees from municipalities and private haulers for use of designated waste disposal sites.

The ECUA manages applications and payment for all solid waste and recycling haulers operating in Essex County. It also administers applications for facilities seeking to provide solid waste and recycling services to residents.
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  • The ECUA holds regular Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Computer & Electronics (e-Waste) events for Essex County residents to facilitate environmentally sound collection, recycling, and disposal of these materials.

In the past three years, we avoided the disposal of or recycled more than 413 tons of hazardous waste and recycled more than 298 tons of electronics.
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